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"Just wanted to let you know I recieved all my items and I am very pleased. The thompson is very awesome. I will order again. Thanks."
-Dave K (Wisconsin, USA)

"Dear Niki the MP40 was perfict I received it on 03/06/07 the gun looks and works almost like the real thing. Getting it shipped from Japan took less time than orders i have put in here in the U.S. Thanks for the great service and product. Mike California U.S.A."
-Michael Smela

"hi miki walnut limited gas k98 arrived today no problem what a great piece of kit and good service from you and your team i am very happy looking forward to ordering from you again thanks colin :) rep of ireland "
-colin fairweather

"Hi Miki, M1A1 arrived, beautiful, paint came off with no problem. I will try to get my MG-42 order in by the middle of March. Thanks for your excellent service & Best Regards, USA Bob"
-Bob (USA)

"Thank you for the goods supplied, received all in mint condition. Already looking at whats new on your website. Gordon "
-Gordon (Scotland)

"I recieved the knee mortar the other day it is outstanding, Thank you. Chris "
-Chris (USA)

"I am just writing to say I am very pleased with the M2 carbine, it looks great and will be a really fun addition to my airsoft collection. Thanks again for the info during shipping "
-T. Wright (UK)

"Dear Sir: I received product 100180, M1 garand rifle, today. I am very pleased with it. An excellent product."
-Samuel Loring Morison

"Hello Miki, My M1 Garand model gun arrived the other day and I am extremely pleased with it. Thanks so much for your excellent service and I look forward to doing business with you again! Chris"
-Chris (IL, USA)

"The MP44 stock has just arrived today, it┤s really a fantastic piece, congratulations for the high quality of all of your products Best regards and thanks for all. Eduardo "
-Eduardo (Spain)

"Dear Miki, WOW, it's here (PPSh-41) and it's excellent. When I pay my credit card back, 2 months, I will order the Thompson M1A1 and after that the MG-42. Best Regards, Bob"
-Bob, California, USA

"Had problems at first, but even then, they were more than willing to help me and accomodate me for my troubles. A very reputable company that I recommend."
-Malachi Springer, USA

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