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"My MP 40 I recieved operates GREAT!!!! LOVE IT!!! AND I wish to order MORE!!! Regards Steve "
-Steve (Canada)

"Hi Miki, Have received my Airsoft M1 Garand Rifle, it looks and feels the business. I must admit, I wasn't sure if it would really be this good, but it has exceeded all my expectations. I am now only awaiting my extra magazines and then I believe I can go out skirmishing with the rest of my friends. Thanks again for a fine piece of workmanship."
-M Green (UK)

"WWIIguns provides excellent products and even better costumer service. Their one on one costumer sevrice and excellent reproductions makes this site worth every penny. "
-Schade (USA)

"Hi Miki, I got the Japanese Knee Mortar and it really looks authentic. I am very happy with it and I will be ordering more from you soon. Thanks alot!!!!!"
-Char Massey

"I┤m very pleased with the Marushin Mauser Kar98K. So accurate replica rifle."
-Arnulfo Cadena (USA)

"...I have two real M1 Garand Rifles and your M1 Garand Airsoft is a very very good match. "
-William Pegram (USA)

"Dear Miki, I was on vacation and they were waiting for me when I returned. I will be ordering accessories in the near future. I spent too much on vacation!!! Thank you for your great customer service. George. "
-George Peperyias (USA)

"Miki ! I received the package with the magazine and dummy cartridges this morning. Thank you for incredible fast service from the beginning. I left you very positive feedback without mentioning the misplaced magazine and cartridges. You deserve the highest praise. Small mistakes can happen, but you corrected them very quickly. Arigato, Lou "
-Lou Cuta (PA, USA)

"Thanks Miki, I just received the mkb42(h). it is a very exquisite piece. thanks a lot! -Adam"
-Adam (Pasadena, USA)

"Hello, I received the gun (MP-40 cap firing model gun kit) and assembled it today. The gun is marvelous! Thank You Very Much "
-William Mann (USA)

"Miki; I recieved my KSC m1911a1 airsoft pistol today, an absolutey outsatnding gun with unrivalled realism, will be placing my fifth order with you very shortly "
-John (County Cork, Ireland)

"Upon receipt of the Hudson, Thompson M1A1 submachine gun I was simply amazed. It exactly resembles the model I carried when in the Marine Corps during an operation in Vietnam prior to the war. The Hudson is so authentic it is easily mistaken for the real item: weight, feel, balance, workmanship, metal, wood even the government markings on the receiver. Although I have as yet not invested in cartridges, the six included in the order are of extraordinary quality."
-Ron Darcey (USA)

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