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"I just got my baby nambu and arisaka 99 and they are by far the highest quality I have seen, I now proudly display them in my ww2 collection. The assistance I received during the sale was very helpful. Thank you again, "
-Dean Meyer (USA)

"Dear Miki Thank you very much for the great M1 Garand that just arrived at my home! Thanks also for the extra magazine gift! It was a pleasure ordering from your company! Best regards Michael "
-Michael (Switzerland)

"Just received the M3A1 and am very pleased with the product. It will be put in a military museum. Thanks, "
-Hugh Wade (Discovery Park of America)

"Dear Nakamura sama, Thank you very much for your efforts in delivering my order in an expeditious manner. Sending it express mail, was very generous on your part and unexpected on mine. I only wrote to ask if the order had been shipped and to ensure that it had not been lost in transit somehow. Thanks you again. I can see that the testimonials from other customers are very accurate in their praise of the quality of your goods and of your customer service. Domo Arigato1 Sincerely Paul "

"Hello I would like to thank you for the quick shipment of 7 mm caps tha I received today. Its a pleasure to do buisness with a company that still believes in customer satisfaction. Thank You Again "
-Scott Standish

"Dear Mr Nakamura, Your superb ARISAKA TYPE 99 MG replica had arrive yesterday at evening. Sir,the model-gun is real a fine copy,a dream for any serious WWII Japanese Imperial Army / Navy re-enactor. I┤m very happy. Of course, I will contact to you for new WWII GUNS purchases,on next 2010 year . Until them, Domo arigato,Tokyo! Best regards from Spain,"
-Benigno (Spain)

"Hi Miki.The MP40 arrived safely and what a piece of kit it is. Have had real fun building this model and it is amazing how many parts are required to assemble it. Good luck to you and all in your company for a quality product. Will be back for another replica soon.."
-Jimmy Fox ( Co. Antrim ) N.Ireland

"Greetings ww2 guns team! I would like to thank you for your favulous product(MP-40). It works great and just puts a smile on your face when held. I am grateful that you put so much effort into making such good quality products from WW2 so that those years will never be forgotten. I first played COD:2 and since then I have become in love with learning about WW2. And I finally have a weapon from that era. Thanks and never stop making these guns. Heres a few you should start producing: PPS-43, M2-Flamethrower models, Panzerschreks, PTRS-47 models, which might be to big though, and a few others I cant think of at the moment. Again thanks so much!!!"
-John Groskopf

"All I could say when I took my Thompson out of the box was: "Wow" Every person that sees it for the first time says the same thing. It is meticulously done and is a wonderful investment. "
-Dale W. Clark, USA

"I would like to thank WWIIGuns for the excellent service in providing me with the Shoei MP-44 model. I recieved the parcel in perfect condition within six (yes six!) days. This may be the finest replica model I have ever seen. I am still astonished at the attention to detail and am glad to have finally found a capable and reliable source for such high-quality models as this. Thank you for the professional service. Best regards."
-K. Deemer (USA)

"I love my new MP-40. It looks and works like the real thing. The MP-40 (100202) is one sweet peace of work.Keep up the good work Mr. Nakamura. P.Jackson.U.S.A."
- Patrick C. Jackson

"I have finally recieved my Tokyo Marui« Government Colt .45 M1911 Hop up in the mail. It took about three weeks by sea mail to arrive. It cost me(a newbe to airsoft) about $50 total and it was worth every cent with the exception of one or two( I was expecting it to be semi automatic ;-). I am thouroughly impressed with the overall quality that Tokyo Marui put into this airsoft gun and look forward to buying from wwii I am trying to save the money up to buy the M1903A4 Springfield rifle."
-Jacob(Lauri) Souve, USA

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