FN-Browning M1935 Military Heavy Weight

Extremely well detailed and realistic airsoft model of Browning M1935 pistol now available.More

Pistols added to the armory

New German and Japanese replica pistols have been added to the Armory.More

News bulletins

MP44 Cap firing model gun has been restocked!

07.13.10 - This is for all the serious collectors. We have got one of the precious ultra-rare MP44 cap firing models back in stock and it is up for the grabs now! More

NEW RELEASE: Replica Walther P-38 ac.43 dummy cartridge

07.08.10 - This fully licensed and fully functional replica of Walther P-38 ac.43 is a dream come true for those who would like to own this classic piece of German WWII weaponry. More

Walther PP Heavy Weight Model

06.29.10 - This is a new release on the Walther PP series. It is a heavy weight model that is heavy and realistic down to the last detail. More

New MG42 Accessories!

06.28.10 - We have many MG42 accessories available to you now! Leather Sling for the MG42, Metallic Gray MG42 Dummy Cartridges, Brass MG42 Dummy Cartridges, and a real 50 round Ammunition Belt! Click here to read more! More

Leather Replica Holster for M1917 Revolver

06.28.10 - Replica holster for the M1917 Revolver. It is made of the highest quality leather, and the stitching is simply beautiful. Also, made in Japan, unlike many leather holsters. More

World War II M1 Carbine [Non-firing model gun]

06.28.10 - WWII M1 Carbine non-firing model gun is shown here. It has a full metal and wood build, and is a highly realistic M1 Carbine replica. More

U.S. Model 1897 Trench Gun American Walnut Deluxe

06.27.10 - American Walnut Deluxe is the latest version of M1897 Trench Gun, featuring high-quality walnut furniture for the grip and stock. The Trench Gun is limited edition and no longer made; it is a collectible and hard to come by. More

Real MG42 Assault Drum Magazines

06.22.10 - We are now selling refurbished real MG42 assault drum magazines for our MG42 2nd edition replica display models that have the capability to use real drum mags More

S&W M1917 .45 Revolver

06.21.10 - Ever wanted to relive World War I with a M1917 Revolver? This is your chance, with this .45 caliber 5.5inch model of the revolver utilized by the U.S. Military. More

MG42 Replica Display Model Review

05.26.10 - Ever wanted to have MG42 displayed at your home or office, but couldnĺt because of legal obstacles or excessive price? More

National holiday (Golden Week) notice

04.30.10 - We will be observing the national holiday period "Golden Week" from May 3rd to May 6th. Orders and inquiries placed during this period will be answered from May 7th. More

Second production run for the new MG42 display model

04.30.10 - Second production run will be made for the improved 2nd edition MG42 display model. It will be finished about three months later and we are now accepting pre-orders for this second production run. More

NEW RELEASE: MG42 Display Model 2nd Edition

04.03.10 - The brand new, revised 2nd edition, MG42 display model has been released! Featuring all-new aluminum barrel and realistically sized feed tray that accepts real MG42 assault drum magazines! More

New production of MG42 blowback has been completed!

03.17.10 - Only limited quantity has been made. Hurry to order yours! More

NEW: M1903A1 & M1903A3 replica plug fire cartridge firing rifles

02.17.10 - The all-new M1903A1 variant has now been released! Top-of-the-line M1903A1 and M1903A3 replica rifles for the serious collector. More

Featured product

Thompson M1921 series

We have expanded our Thompson M1921 replica model gun selection which now includes early and late M1921/M1928A1 models. Limited edition models will be gone soon! Last of the drum mag equipped Thompsons! More

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