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WWII Guns services for Movie and Film companies and productions, Movie armorers, Movie proppers and Game companies.

WWII Guns (division of TTD company) provides assistance and equipment for movie/film companies and movie armorers and proppers. We have provided both best-of-the-market World War Two gun replicas as well as affordable gun replica solutions for movie productions in various countries including Europe and Australia. Additionally we have provided guns for game company production needs.

For large film companies purchasing their own replica weaponry can be often economical decision in long-term. Custom manufacturing rubber or other mockups is both expensive and time consuming. Our ready made realistic replicas are infinitely better in authenticity than best of mockups.

We can modify our products to match your filming needs and to meet any local customs regulations etc. Feel free to contact us with your needs to see what we can do to solve your movie propping needs. Not all the gun models and accessories are listed in our armory, many more available at request.

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WWII Guns, division of TTD company
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