FG42 Type II & MP44 Sniper Model with ZF4


These models are on final sale until 12/18/10 after which they won't be available no longer. Both models are sold with reduced final price on first-come-first-served basis.

Model list 1. FG42 Type II with straight-moving bolt (2pcs only)
2. MP44 Sniper Model with ZF4 scope (Customized blowback model that can be used for both firing & display purposes)

FG42 Type II with straight-moving bolt

Update Dec 17 2010: This is follow-up sale to the B-grade models a month ago. Only 2pcs available. This is probably the last ever chance to get the FG42 Type II model! Some of the parts that have been used are downgraded by the maker, but overall quality is still close to the previous models. Semi-automatic dry cycling of dummy cartridges has been downgraded, but the mechanism still stops in closed position and the bolt stops respectively like real gun in the full automatic mode in an open position. Bolt movement is straight in this version, not rolling.

AVAILABLE ONLY UNTIL 12/18/10 or as long as stocks last.

MP44 Sniper Model with ZF4 scope

Final sale. These special models are available only until 12/18/10. Only 3pcs have ever been made. Click image to see product profile (includes video of firing action).

Made in Japan
Operating principle: Air Blowback Airsoft
Ammunition: 6mm BB

You are viewing a new limited edition production of extremely high quality MP44 replica (based on the earlier highly praised mass production version) that is suitable for static display, dry-firing display (in full automatic & with realistic recoil) or re-enactment skirmishes (airsoft).

In difference to the standard blowback models, the hosing attachment has been shortened and installed inside the grip, so that is no longer visible.

Copy of German WWII-era MP44 scope mount base has been installed to the receiver (as in real) and a replica ZF4 scope can be mounted to it (scope is included with the rifle).


Since the MP44/StG44 is an extremely rare firearm, in modern days, few have had the possibility to experience it in person. This extremely-well-made replica allows you to grasp the concept and feeling of the gun. 1:1 size, full metal and wood parts, production markings, serial numbers and many other details can be found on this replica MP44. Each model has its own unique serial number.

This blowback version produces very realistic shooting recoil, thanks to the innovative blowback system. User can shoot 6mm BBs to the range of 50 meters, making it possible to use in airsoft reenactment games. Magazines have been made very realistic, you can tell the difference only from the top where the BB feeding hole is.


* Full metal and wood construction. Absolutely no plastic parts at all.
* Extremely detailed construction that is unrivalled in the market. Museum display quality. The highest quality MP44 replica available anywhere in the world.
* Authentic markings and a unique serial number in each model
* Fully field strippable
* Fires in semi and full automatic
* Uses 6mm BBs that are fed from highly realistic magazines
* Strong recoil that resembles .22 caliber firearm in recoil
* Fires to distance of 50 meters
* Can be used in combat gaming (airsoft, similar to paintball), completely safe if protective airsoft or paintball goggles and face mask are used
* Can be used as a display piece with hose removed


* MP44 sniper-equipped display / nitroair blowback assault rifle
* Magazine
* Scope rail mount (pre-installed)
* Special replica ZF4 scope
* Loading tools for magazine
* Manual