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Imperial Japanese Army Special

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Type 94 Pistol [Non-Firing Model Gun]
Type 94 Pistol replica from World War II Imperial Japanese Army.
Features same mechanism and identical design as real counterpart.

Type 97 Sniper Rifle [Airsoft Gas Rifle]
Airsoft Gas Rifle of Type 97 Sniper Rifle used by Imperial Japanese Army.
Great attention to detail including slanted crosshair in telescopic sight (just like real),
bent bolt handle, and Nagoya Arsenal insignia.

Type 89 Knee Mortar [Gas Operated Launcher]
After few years pause in production, we will soon restock the Type 89 knee mortar.
Thank you for your patience!

Type 94 Pistol [Non-Firing Model Gun]

Type 94 Pistol [Non-Firing Model Gun]

In Japan, August is roughly the period of time when the end of World War II is remembered. The Type 94 Pistol is therefore in perfect timing for the commemoration of the end of World War II.

The 94 in the name originally refers to the Imperial Year 2594 in Japanese, or the year 1934. Since 1934 to the end of the war in 1945, the Type 94 Pistol was being produced until about 70,000 were built. Even today, decades after the war, the Type 94 Pistol is recognized worldwide, and can occasionally be found sold at gun shows.

Accurate Design and Same As Real Mechanism
The Type 94 Pistol features the same mechanism as the real counterpart gun. The secret behind the mechanism lies in the parts that were used to manufacturer the model gun. The Type 94 is manufactured by Hartford overseas, using high-quality plastic for the inner parts and die-cast materials for the trigger and hammer. The real Type 94 Pistol was a commercial failure, where the gun became notorious for a design flaw referred to as suicide gun. By pressing an exposed sear on the left-hand side of the receiver, a round in the chamber could be fired. The design in the Hartford model gun is accurately replicated. While the real gun's design flaw led the Type 94 pistol to become known as one of the worst military pistols ever, the accurate replication of the exposed sear in the Type 94 Model Gun should be a notable interest to model gun enthusiasts. Despite the stories regarding the design flaw in the real gun, when you hold the Type 94 Model Gun, you can instantly appreciate the fine Japan-made worksmanship. The model fits snug in your hand, and there is absolutely no waste in extra weight or unnecessary parts whatsoever.

Just like the real gun, the Type 94 Pistol Non-Firing Model Gun has accurately captured all of the key features. The Type 94 Pistol is referred to as having a big head and a small butt for the silhouette of the grip. The magazine was relatively tight, and holds only 6 rounds. The small front sight, coupled with an equally small rear sight, is accurately portrayed in the model gun's design.

Also accurately portrayed is the magazine safety mechanism from the original Type 94 Pistol. If the magazine is removed, the trigger cannot be pulled. The magazine button and bottom are both realistically re-produced, where the 8mm dummy cartridge models are just like real. On the right side of the model, is a serial number and the date August of Showa Year 12, and the Nagoya Manufacturer from war period inscribed. The front sight is made of a separate part, just like the real thing.

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Technical Specifications
Model: Type 94 Pistol
Operating Principle: Non-Firing Model Gun
Length: 187mm
Weight: 550g (with cartridge)
Barrel: 8mm
Dummy Cartridge: 6 rounds
Frame, Barrel, Bolt, Slide : High quality plastic matte black
Hammer, Trigger, Front & Rear Sight, Grip : Die-cast Materials
Made in Japan

Release Date: September 2010 (in Japan)

Type 97 Sniper Rifle [Airsoft Gas Rifle]

Type 97 Sniper Rifle [Airsoft Gas Rifle]

Put into service in the Meiji Year 38 (1937), the Type 97 Sniper Rifle was a Japanese bolt-action rifle based on the Type 38 rifle. It was a modification of the Type 38 infantry rifle, with a few improvements including a lighter stock, a single-action hammer, and a 2.5 power magnification telescopic sight. These features of the Type 97 Sniper Rifle can be found in the replica gas model gun from Tanaka Works.

Tanaka Works goes to great lengths to make sure the Type 97 is accurate to the real counterpart. The telescopic scope features 2.5 times magnification with a stabilized reticule. Special key note is that the vertical crosshair of the scope is exactly like the real Japanese infantry rifle - it has a slight lean towards the right when viewed. While the appearance is not that different from the Type 38 rifle, the bolt handle is bent lower and at an angle so that it does not interfere with the scope. The model gun features the same emblem of the Nagoya Arsenal which manufacturered the original Type 97 Sniper Rifle. The range finder allows for distancing of up to 2400m. The telescopic sight is on the left side, just like real. And when compared to the original telescopic sight, no difference can be seen with the model gun version. And also like the real Type 97, when you press the magazine catch located on the front part of the trigger guard, the magazine releases. These accurate features should appeal to all model gun fanatics, especially those interested in World War II weapons and Japanese Infantry weapons.

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Technical Specifications
Model: Type 97 Sniper Rifle
Length: 1285mm
Weight: 3920g
Rounds: 10
Operating Principle: Airsoft Gas Rifle
Caliber: 6mm BB pellets
Main Materials: Wood Stock, Zinc die casting

Made in Japan
Release Date: Mid-August (in Japan)

Type 89 Knee Mortar [Gas Operated Launcher]
We will soon restock the Type 89 Knee Mortar again after few years pause in production! Thank you for your patience.

Type 89 Knee Mortar [Gas Operated Launcher]

Type 89 was a simple grenade thrower used by the Imperial Japanese Army infantry. It has a short rifled barrel with an adjustable threaded rod inside. Always fired at an angle of 45 degrees, the range of the projectile was adjusted by moving the rod inside the barrel, thus altering the space inside for combustion. The bottom has a small curved plate to dig into the ground. The Japanese called it a Leg Mortar as it was carried strapped to the leg, but a mis-translation in Allied reports led to the term knee mortar and the belief that it was fired holding the curved plate against the thigh.

Real Weapon Technical Details:
Weight of grenade: 1.43 lb
Max range: 700 yards
Weight of mortar: 10.05 lb

This mass manufactured replica uses 40mm slug grenades that are gas powered and reusable. The slugs can be fired with real knee mortar technique as they will fly in arch and drop to the target. It can also take 40mm CAW MOSCART gas grenades that fire BBs, but their use will require unrealistic firing technique.
Replica dust cover is included with the launcher.

Technical Specifications
Length: 609mm
Weight: 2,400g
Ammo capacity: 1 grenade cartridge (see accessories section for all available types)
Made in Japan
Operating Principle: Gas powered replica
Ammunition: 40mm slug gas grenades or 40mm BB firing gas grenades

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