Second production run for the new MG42 display model


Second production run will be made for the improved 2nd edition MG42 display model. It will be finished about three months later and we are now accepting pre-orders for this second production run.

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Brief information about this new version...

Featuring all-new aluminum barrel and realistically sized feed tray that accepts real MG42 assault drum magazines!

Each model comes with unique serial number, stamped authentically in the receiver (mimicking German WWII serial numbering).

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Technical statistics:
Lenght: 1230mm
Height: 205mm
Width: 128mm
Weight: 6,500g (with bipod)
Ammunition: Replica 7.92mm x 57mm Gewehr Patrone 98
Feed: Real MG3/MG42 continuous link metal belts or an real MG42 50rnd assault drum magazines

This display model MG42 can be installed on real Lafette tripod.

Thanks to the newly designed feed tray this 2nd edition display model can accept real MG42 drum magazines. These drum magazines can be purchased from us as option parts.

Attachment of real MG42 ammunition belt is possible.

Seen here is newly designed barrel and barrel attachment. This new design is much more realistic than in the earlier version. Made from aluminum.

Angled view of the new barrel design.

Close-up view of the new feed tray.

New parts: barrel & feed tray.

Feed tray.

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