NEW RELEASE: Sten Mk II Suppressed cap firer


Made in Japan
Operating principle: Cap firing model gun
Ammunition: 9mm PFC cartridges and model gun caps
Availability: Will ship at end of August 2009. Production limited to 120pcs.

This special suppressed version of Sten MkII will be manufactured in August 2009. The production quantity is limited to 120pcs so order yours as soon as possible to ensure yours.

The Sten Mk II Suppressed replica shown here is fully functional, full size (1:1), and solid metal. Using 9mm PFC rounds, it can fire in full automatic and can be field stripped in a similar fashion as the real Sten.


* All metal construction, has a very real gun like feel to it
* Uses replica 9mm Parabellum Plug Fire Cartridges
* Fires in full automatic
* Disassembles, operates and fires like the real Sten