Cap firing MP44 model gun disassembly photo series


Cap firing MP44 model gun disassembly photo series

Although the production of cap firing MP44 model guns (PFC) has been stopped in favor of the dummy MP44 model guns the PFC versions are still available from time to time here at as used models. The same MP44 replica, but without cap firing mechanism, is available as new reproduction.

The details of this museum quality replica are astounding and even it’s disassembly is similar to the real German made StG44/MP44 assault rifle. Disassembling the replica makes one realize how simple and robust the StG44/MP44 weapon system is. This photo series demostrate the realism of cap firing MP44 disassembly and detail of it's internal construction.

Disassembly process

1. Remove the magazine, pull the bolt back to clear the chamber, then return it to a forward position. Push the stock retaining pin through the right side of receiver.

2. Start pulling the stock out, and cautiously let the recoil spring to expand; then remove the spring completely.

3. Let the trigger housing group to hinge down.

4. Pull the operating rod and bolt assembly out the rear of the receiver, taking care to catch the bolt as it emerges.