MG42 Replica Display Model Review


By M. Nakamura

Ever wanted to have MG42 displayed at your home or office, but couldn’t because of legal obstacles or excessive price? Here is the chance to finally to do that without any hassles as this almost exact copy of the legendary German machine gun MG42 has been built from the scratch to real dimensions and does not contain any real firearm parts.

These exact replica models are built in very limited quantities, usually only hundred or so in one lot that takes many months to make, and to emphasize the uniqueness each model comes with unique collectors serial number stamped to exact same location as in real German MG42s.

The most unique parts of MG42, such as the barrel jacket and rectangular section receiver, are manufactured with similar sheet metal stamping techniques as the real MG42s were and the results are indeed impressive. The sleek lines of the real MG42 are well recreated, if not even bettered. Full forty years of replica gun manufacturing know-how and experience is evident through-out in this model and it can be safely said that no budget manufacturer has the ability or mindset to produce the fine details and the overall superior quality of this replica MG42.

Improvements in this 2010 release are difficult to see at first, but in fact the barrel assembly has now been made to resemble closely to the real one and the tray has been reworked so that it can now accept real 50-round MG42 assault drum. It can also accept real MG3/MG42 ammunition belts of which 25 round and 50 round types are being sold. Dummy 7.92mm x 57mm Gewehr Patrone 98 (Mauser) cartridges are included with the replica along with real 50-round ammunition belt.

Of particular note is the excellent wooden shoulder stock that can be disassembled like real. The wood used in this stock is of excellent quality.

US Army Intelligence Bulletin (December 1943), perhaps slightly downplaying the firepower factor of MG42 to reduce soldiers fears of encountering it at battlefield, had the following to report about use of MG42 in battlefield.

“The cyclic rate of fire…is 25 rounds per second. Most of the disadvantages, as well as the advantages, of the gun can be attributed to this single characteristic. As a result of the high rate of fire the gun has a marked tendency to “throw off”, so that its fire stays on target for a much briefer time than does that of the slower firing MG34.” “The Germans are instructed to fire bursts of from 5 to 7 rounds when they employ the MG42 as a light machine gun, since operator cannot hold his gun on the target for longer period. The gun must be re-aimed after each burst. Under battle conditions the MG42 can fire about 22 bursts per minute – that is, about 154 rounds. Although the Germans believe that when the weapon is properly employed the compactness and density of its fire pattern justify the high ammunition expenditure, recent German Army orders have stressed the need of withholding machine gun fire until the best possible effect is assured.”

Real MG42 Technical Specifications

Nomenclature Maschinengewehr 42 (MG42)
Manufacturers Grossfuss, Mauser, Maget, Gustloff, Suhl, Steyr
Caliber 7.92mm x 57mm Gewehr Patrone 98 (Mauser)
Ammunition Ball; tracer; armour piercing; incendiary; blank; dummy
System of operation Short recoil with muzzle booster to accelerate action; roller system locks bolt into barrel extension; air cooled
Selector Full automatic only
Feed DM1 continuous link metal belts (50 rounds – may be combined)
Weight 25.5lbs (11.5kg)
Length 48ins (1,219mm)
Barrel 21ins (533mm), 4 grooves, right twist
Sights Blade front, V-notch rear on leaf
Rate of fire Approx. 1,200rpm, 20rps
Muzzle velocity 2,500fps (760mps)
Max. effective range (With bipod) approx. 800 meters
(With tripod & telescopic sight) approx. 3,000 meters

Replica MG42 Display Model Technical Specifications

Nomenclature Maschinengewehr 42 (MG42) Display Model
Manufacturers Steyr (receiver has wartime Steyr markings “bnz”, the replica is not actually made at Steyr)
Caliber 7.92mm x 57mm Gewehr Patrone 98 (Mauser) Dummy
Ammunition Dummy
System of operation Non-firing
Selector Full automatic only
Feed DM1 continuous link metal belts (50 rounds – may be combined)
Weight 12.1lbs (5.5kg)
Length 48.42ins (1,230mm)
Barrel 4 grooves, right twist
Sights Blade front, V-notch rear on leaf
Rate of fire Non-firing
Muzzle velocity Non-firing

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