Thompson M1921 Military Model


Image gallery of Thompson M1921 Military Model, Late, Cap firing model gun

This late-production type Thompson M1921 Military Model, that actually resembles more of Thompson M1928A1 than a M1921, is the last prodution of the Thompson M1921 series. It comes with the improved internal parts that were released on 2007 and can accept fully array of accessories including 20rnd magazine, 30rnd magazine and 39rnd drum magazine. Perhaps the best feature of this MGC manufactured Thompson M1921 is the full automatic firing mechanism which is highly reliable for model gun and that alone makes this gun great fun to shoot.

The main difference to the non-military "Chicago" or better known as "Anti-bandit" law enforcement version is the military rear sight, which is adjustable, late model muzzle and the standard hand guard that has replaced the fore grip. Also the Military version comes with the 20rnd stick magazine as the drum magazines were eventually found to be unsuitable for military use and were replaced with stick magazines.

All the Thompson M1921 models have been now discontinued and we are selling the last brand new stocks we still have in stock.