Marushin's Nambu 14 early & late model gas blowbacks


Image gallery of Nambu Model 14, early production model, "vintage" [Airsoft Gas Blowback] and a Nambu Model 14, late production model, "vintage" [Airsoft Gas Blowback]

The Marushin Nambu 14 8mm \"Maxi\" series started with a non-blowback models that had a fixed non-moving bolt. They were geared more towards airsoft gamers than a serious collectors but since then Marushin has gone back and revisited these models. The new LD-2 gas blowback system has been now installed to their Nambu models and in addition the \"vintage\" metal part finish that debuted in Marushin\'s MP40 gas blowback series is seen here again. In fact the \"vintage\" finish works even better than in the MP40s given the relatively small size of the pistols. The \"vintaged\" trigger guard and bolt know add a cool antique-like appearance to these new Nambu airsoft models that should attract collectors and re-enactors who might be in need of safe & low-cost Nambu 14 reproduction.

The main feature, gas blowback, adds great deal in terms of fun factor for anyone that shoots this gun either for gaming or just casually. Thanks to the blowback mechanism the gun can be now operated exactly like the real deal whereas previously the bolt was non-moving and no cocking was necessary or possible.