Review: Marushin MP-40/I 1945 Vintage Gas Blowback GBB


Review: Marushin MP-40 Vintage "1945" Model GBB [Airsoft Gas Blowback]

The differences between Marushin MP40 1945 Vintage and matt black models are only cosmetic but these two models do have completely different atmosphere. As I wrote in last review of Marushin MP40 matt black version the looks and atmosphere were toyish from veteran perspective.

The only actual different in production has been creating weathered look of metal parts by what seems to be combination of sand-blast type brushing and machining. Marushin has succeeded in this very well and result is much-improved looks. Not only creating more metallic looks the weathering looks classy as well. It oozes style and will look excellent with reproduction uniforms and web gear such as EM service belt and MP-40 magazine pouches.

Since the first review (matt black model) we have received quite few requests for listing metal parts of Marushin MP40 gas blowback. The metal parts in Marushin MP40 models are barrel cap, part of barrel, barrel nut, collar, magazine, magazine release cap, lower frame, folding stock, bolt handle and trigger. All of these parts have been vintage-finished in Marushin MP40 and the effect is excellent especially considering that price difference is just $10.00.

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