WWII Guns Beginner's Guide to recreating soldiers & battles of World War II

Guide Chapterts: 1. Basics2. Impression 3.Weapons4.Recruiting5.Organizing6. Events

1. Basics

Our products can be used in new exciting ways to recreate World War II soldiers and the battles they fought. Because of the different features and operating principles of the weapons we provide they offer World War II enthusiasts great deal of options that have not been available before in such a wide scale as now.

Before detailing our weapon characteristics and features it is vital to introduce the very basics of long standing World War II “live” hobby, Re-enactment (also known as "living history"). Re-enacting is a hobby where participants try to re-create historical military unit and battle to best of their ability. The very best of re-enactors are frequently employed in major movie productions because of the historical accuracy these re-enactors have achieved. In re-enactment emphasis is put into matching uniforms, weapons and skill sets as in real military. In other words the group tries to look and act like real military unit from World War II. Some of the re-enactors are members of organized groups and regularly participate in training and events.

Currently a level less in historical accuracy, a fresh new variation of re-enactment has born which utilizes our high-technology BB firing airsoft guns (designed and made in Japan to the highest standards of the industry). Because of the roots of the airsoft game and generally younger group of hobbyists the level of historical accuracy is less than what is seen in re-enactment, but this is balanced by the more authentic and exciting battles that share some common dynamics with real infantry combat such as firing & movement and small unit tactics. Since hits are noticeable the battle is not comparable with old-fashion re-enactment battles. The emphasis is on easy entry and fun of combat gaming as in, for example, better known paintball.

Besides of authentic WWII gun replicas that we provide second important element of your equipment is the soldier’s uniform and the related personal equipment. This is called “impression”.

2. Impression

The critical element in recreating the World War II soldiers and the battles they fought is authentic uniform, equipment and weapon. During the conflict 1939-1945 each sides equipment and weaponry changed a great deal and the more war progressed, the more improvised and ad-hoc the individual soldiers appearance became.

It is up to each hobbyist to research carefully the unit and the time era he or she wishes to recreate. Units considered to be elite, such as for example US Army 101st Airborne or Waffen-SS Leibstandarde, tend to be favored among newcomers. On other hand since many lack regular group to participate with it can be wise to keep your initial impression as generic as possible to leave your options open. For example having only MP44 (Sturmgewehr 44) assault rifle as your weapon will limit your participation to events that portray time era from 1944 to 1945.

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