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History story #5

"On afternoon of June 5 the Allied airborne troopers began dressing for battle. Each rifleman carried his M-1 (either broken down in padded case called Griswold container or already assembled), 160 rounds of ammunition, two fragmentation hand grenades, a white phosphorus and an orange-colored smoke grenade, and a Gammon grenade. Most carried a pistol - the paratroopers'greatest fear was getting shot out of the sky, next was being caught on the ground at the moment of landing, before they could put their rifles into operation - plus knife and a bayonet. An unwelcome surprise was an order to carry a Mark IV antitank mine, weighting about ten pounds." - Allied paratroopers preparations for D-Day (from "Victors" by Stephen E Ambrose)

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14.07.12 19:57 - As regular visitors have already noticed we have been implementing new website for the last week. More

FG42 Type II & MP44 Sniper Model with ZF4

17.12.10 04:02 - These models are on FINAL SALE until 12/18/10 after which they won't be available no longer. Both models are sold with reduced final price on first-come-first-served basis. More

Static/Firing Display MP44 with ZF4 scope (Sniper)Monday, November 8, 2010 1:05 AM

01.12.10 21:34 - Once-in-a-life-time opportunity to own high quality display MP44 with scope attachment. This specially manufactured model can be used for both static & firing display, as well as re-enactment skirmishing. More

Coming Soon! Mauser Kar 98k byf 1943 Vintage Edition

05.10.10 01:26 - We are proud to introduce to you the Mauser Kar 98k byf 1943 Vintage Edition with authentic byf 1943 markings. More