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History story #10

"Experience has shown that the Germans will almost invariably launch a counter-attack to break up an attack by small infantry units. You can expect such a counter-attack, usually by 10 to 20 men, not more than five minutes after you get close to the German positions. They are usually well armed with light machine guns and machine pistols, and counter attack by fire and movement. They keep up heavy fire while small details, even individuals, alternatively push forward. The Germans almost always attack your flank. They seldom close with bayonet, but try to drive you out by fire."
- Canadian battle report, Western Front, 1944

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Website renovation

14.07.12 19:57 - As regular visitors have already noticed we have been implementing new website for the last week. More

FG42 Type II & MP44 Sniper Model with ZF4

17.12.10 04:02 - These models are on FINAL SALE until 12/18/10 after which they won't be available no longer. Both models are sold with reduced final price on first-come-first-served basis. More

Static/Firing Display MP44 with ZF4 scope (Sniper)Monday, November 8, 2010 1:05 AM

01.12.10 21:34 - Once-in-a-life-time opportunity to own high quality display MP44 with scope attachment. This specially manufactured model can be used for both static & firing display, as well as re-enactment skirmishing. More

Coming Soon! Mauser Kar 98k byf 1943 Vintage Edition

05.10.10 01:26 - We are proud to introduce to you the Mauser Kar 98k byf 1943 Vintage Edition with authentic byf 1943 markings. More